Ways to Give

Make A Donation to Rise Up Belize! and Let the World Be Your Soul Mate

Expand into a Higher Love

There is the passion for work that is the marriage to career, the affection for another that becomes a bond between two people, and the internal marriage of the ego and the soul embodied in the lives of saints and mystics. It is the last marriage that most interests me because I think it leads to a union that we most often resist and rarely speak of: becoming a soul mate to the world.

Want to know more of Joey’s true love?   Read Joey’s essay explaining her passion and purpose, and why she started this organization.

Not ready to Go to Belize to Volunteer?

Don’t worry! There are other ways to give to Rise Up Belize!, whether that be through your thoughts and prayers, school supplies, or your financial contributions. Donate to our cause to help educate a Belizean child.

How Donations Will Be Used

Your donations go directly to helping fuel the education of an entire nation. Read more about Our Budget and how we utilize your generosity. 85% goes to educational programming.

We Welcome Tax-Deductible Donations:

  • Corporate giving
  • Planned giving
  • In-kind donations:
    • Airline Miles
    • New student backpacks and new school supplies for children
    • Silent Auction Items for our fundraisers
  • Host a Fundraiser

Host a Fundraiser

Hosting a fundraiser is a great way to contribute to Rise Up Belize! and show your support. Please contact us at donations@riseupbelize.org

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