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Student Spotlight: Andre Shaw

Andre Shaw is attending Wesley College, a high school in Belize, on a Rise Up Belize scholarship. The 13-year-old writes: “My dream for myself is to finish my secondary education and go to the University of Belize. After that, I would want to go forward with my education even more. I would want to have a Master’s degree focused in chemistry, biology or environmental science. I hope to become a crime scene investigator because my dream for my country is for our crime rate to be reduced. I want Belize to be a peaceful nation, with each of us living in harmony with each other no matter what race, skin color or where we come from. This scholarship supports my dreams for myself and Belize because my mom doesn’t have a good job and she struggles to pay school fees. This scholarship will make me become a productive citizen of my country. I am grateful for this scholarship because it allows me to be someone successful in this world.”


Student Spotlight: Erica Milligan

I am hardworking, dedicated and serious-minded. I want to be a lawyer because those qualities meet in that career. My dream for Belize is that it could offer more jobs. If we had more jobs there would be less people on the street begging and committing crimes. If there was less violence, there would be more people who could become doctors, lawyers, and judges. The Rise Up Belize! scholarship supports me in accomplishing my dream because my mother is a single mother of five children who are all attending school: one in pre-school, two in primary school and two in high school. My mom’s job does not pay a lot and she has to pay all of our school fees, buy our uniforms, and school materials, including textbooks. Without this scholarship I might not be able to continue attending Wesley College and get the materials and equipment I need. I really appreciate this scholarship. Thank you, Rise Up Belize!, Miss Marilyn Batista and Miss Joey!


Student Spotlight: Calbert Murillo

Calbert Murillo attended a Rise Up Belize! summer camp in 2006 and immediately caught the staff’s attention. “He was motivated beyond expectation,” recalls Joey Garcia, founder of the California-based non-profit. “That camp in Sandhill Village was staffed by high school students who were amazed at Calbert’s drive to perfect what he was learning. It was the students who approached me and asked if I could arrange a scholarship for Calbert to attend a high school in Belize. Of course, I said yes.”

Calbert says that, without the four-year scholarship, he might have become another Belizean with an incomplete education. “If I did not receive a scholarship, it would have been so hard for my family to afford the cost of high school, financially. There are seven children in my family. My father has work as a janitor and my mother works as she can.”

Calbert proudly graduated from high school in 2010. He was near the top of his class academically. “I have achieved something great. I showed the potential I have in me to achieve the goals I have in my life. I was given an award of a high school scholarship to show the excellence I have in me and to motivate me and keep me going to achieve better goals in the future.”

The tall, graceful young man sees a bright future for himself that includes further studies: “I would like to study business and law so I can have my own business and help other people like you helped me. I want to return the gift by creating jobs for other people and creating more employment in Belize.” With financial support from Rise Up Belize! Calbert began attending university in 2011 and fulfilling his dreams. He is eager to enjoy the company of other students who are serious about an education. “I’m a shy person but I like to make friends. I am very understanding and a good listener. I like to watch movies and play video games. I like good, safe fun.”

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