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Improving Education in Belize – Our Passion and Purpose

Supporting Belizean Teachers & Children To Rise Up Into Their Full Potential!

Belize is a country of 350,000 people, half of whom are under 18 years old. There is no free public education in Belize; parents must pay tuition if they want their children to attend school. Only half of the eligible school-age children in the country have families that can afford school tuition. Of the students who attend elementary school, many do not complete their education on time and fewer still can afford to go on to high school.

Rise Up Belize! is working to change those realities through innovative programs that inspire change for good.

We Offer Programs that Change Lives

Free Summer Camps

Belizean children in the 4th through 6th grade polish their skills at tuition-free academic summer camps. Those who complete the camp will receive a free backpack with school supplies plus a packet of activities to complete over the remainder of the summer. When students return to school in September they are eligible to enter an essay contest and win cash prizes. Our summer camps are primarily staffed by chaperoned high school and college students who are experienced in working with children. Rise Up Belize summer camps are held in Sandhill and Caye Caulker. Nearly 150 children attend each year and, as donations permit, we will expand to additional locations in Belize.

“Thank you for the summer camp! My favorite part was science because I learned about tundra, grassland, coniferous forest and deciduous forest. I have never heard these words before! My second favorite subject was math. Exponents were cool!”

—Arthur, 13 years old

“On Friday I was so happy because that is the day I was going to get that schoolbag with things in it. Thank you for your donation. I liked making new friends.”

—Jenika, 10 years old

Rise Up Belize! High School Scholarships

We have gifted one student with a four-year high school scholarship. He is near the top of his class and hopes to continue his education by attending law school. Education is the backbone of a successful nation so, as donations allow, we plan to offer additional scholarships to other self-motivated students.

Please download the Scholarship Handbook. Apply Here.

“I can’t believe this opportunity. Thank you. I will make you proud of me.”

—Calbert, 15 years old

Free Professional Development Workshops for Belizean teachers

Sacramento-area teachers and psychotherapists volunteer to conduct three-day training intensives to advance the skills of Belizean primary school teachers. All elementary school teachers in Belize have a high school education and many teachers also have a community college certification so they are inspired and motivated by the progressive approach to teaching offered through our innovative curriculum. Our free workshops are open to all Belizean primary school teachers and are held in Belize City, Caye Caulker and Dangriga. We are delighted to serve nearly 200 teachers each year. As funds allow, we will add new locations to reach more Belizean teachers while also easing the burden and cost of travel for teachers in remote areas.

“I liked that the math and science workshop wasn’t just lecture, it was active participation, hands-on. We used our senses, created materials to use in the classroom and learned strategies for teaching. I wish the workshop lasted an entire week.”
—4th grade teacher, Dangriga

“One of the best workshops Rise Up Belize offered was how to deal with parents. I learned that there are many ways by which a problem can have its solution. I now know how to confront a parent in a very peaceful manner.”

—5th grade teacher, Belize City

Donate to Rise Up Belize!

Would you like to support our work in Belize and forever change a child’s life? Rise Up Belize! is a 501(c) 3 tax deductible non-profit organization. We value donations of any amount, and promise to be good stewards of your generosity. Visit the make a donation page to donate now.

If you’d like to learn more about where your donation goes to, visit the Our Budget page. Thank you for your support of our mission. Working together, we make a difference to a child, a generation, a country.

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