Our Team

Joey Garcia, President

I was born in Belize and raised in the United States with a passion for social justice and the value of being a life-long learner. When I am not working for the betterment of Belize, I write a newspaper advice column, teach high school and serve as a life coach for adults and teens.

Photo Courtesy of Hope Harris

Todd Snyder, Vice-President

When I first heard about Rise Up Belize! I was immediately compelled to join this truly purposeful endeavor because it helps make the world a better place. After volunteering as a facilitator for RUB’s teacher training program in 2007, I joined the board. I also teach at a charter school in an innovative program that helps students succeed in our online world.

Jenna Roberts, Treasurer

As a child growing up in an lower economic community, I recognized the value of not simply education but school as a place of shelter and comfort. As an adult, I became a teacher to provide such a place for other children. Rise Up Belize! gives me the opportunity to reach out further, helping to provide education and education resources for children whose own resources may be quite limited.

Sarah Gold, Secretary

As a high school senior in 2006, I worked with Joey Garcia to develop a summer camp program in Belize for Belizean children. Eight high school students and I raised money to supply each child at the camp with a backpack filled with school supplies, and we worked hard to create lesson plans for the children in the subject areas of English, math, religion, science and art. The nine days I spent in Belize that year changed my life. I forever have reserved a piece of my heart for the people and country of Belize. With the money that we student volunteers raised that year, we funded a scholarship to allow a Belizean student to attend his first year of high school. Seeing the impact that a few of us could have on a community was inspiring. Six years later I am the secretary for the Rise Up Belize Board of Directors. I have seen the organization grow and am very excited about its future.

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